Sunday, January 29, 2012

Today's plans and promises

It was another spring day outside! Sunny. Warm. Wind-free. I stuck to my plans and went for a run! A nice 4-miler. kiwis hoping to increase the distance a little more, but my legs were feeling heavy-ish and I was short for time. So 4 miles it was and it was glorious!

I stopped a few times to stretch and to cross the road, but I was looking forward to those stops!
And as planned, a protein-packed post-run snack followed!
Didn't I promise you last night's butternut squash would make its way into one of today's meals? Looks like it did!
I added a little bit of maple syrup and cinnamon to make it sweeter. And in it went between layers of plain Chobani Greek yogurt. Topped with strawberry preserves and KIND Honey & Oat Clusters.
And here I am now - babysitting! The family was very kind to leave dinner for me - fish with lots of veggies!
And for dessert, the kids and I had kettle corn! It was almost as good as the kettle corn flavor of the FSTG tortilla chips! ;)
Ah! The weekend is going by way too quickly! Do you have any Saturday night traditions?
xoxo. Veronica

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