Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sleepy head

As the day progressed, I started feeling a bit unwell... Either just stress-induced or possibly an onset of something :-/ stuffy head, achy, and feverish without a fever?
I didn't have much solid appetite but had stress-induced snack attack on something that looked like this:

...a.k.a. The most amazing salt+vinegar sweet potato chips I have ever tried (...well, the only I have ever tried, but they have surely set the bar high!). Made by Food Should Taste Good, they are perfect.
I ended up sleeping through dinner and waking up with a sweet tooth, which was immediately satisfied with something that looked like this:


Two small pieces of Russian Rizhik ("Honey Cake"), made with, you guessed it, honey. Caramelized sweetened condensed milk creme between five layers of honey goodness! Each layer also contains toasted almonds. Recipe to be posted ASAP because this cake is to die for!


...aaand a handful of kettle corn (my exam week tradition started during my undergraduate years)
...aaand a cup of Tazo Chai tea with milk
...aaand back to the books!

Can exams be over already please?

Have a wonderful night! Don't do what I did today! Replacing dinner with sugar is actually a first for me and hopefully a last... I blame being under the weather... my stomach just wasn't up for anything green or hardy tonight...




  1. I LOVE salt and vinegar chips!!! They were always my favorite when I was a kid but it's hard to find good ones. I will def have to try these ones out!

  2. You are the best blog follower ever! Thanks to you, I know that at least one person reads my daily babbling :)

  3. Just come over and I'll share! :) the benefits of being a blogger's BFF

  4. i wish i was there too....