Friday, January 20, 2012

Lunch done twice

I had another lunch meeting today. This time for AMA. We ordered pizza for the meeting (the usual form of free food at school), and I had a veggie slice. With lots of mushrooms :)
When I got home a couple hours later, I was welcomed by a bowl of warm soup. It was the perfect thing and the perfect amount since I wasn't tremendously hungry after the pizza.

Vegetable broth (made with leek, celery, onion, and carrot) with potatoes, stewed tomatoes, and kidney beans. Mmm mmm good!

I needed some more veggies and crunch to feel complete... Thankfully, I realized I completely forgot about the hummus I bought last week!!! Gasp! So I sliced up some cucumber and carrots - perfect for dipping!

We are expecting snow tonight! And I can't be more excited! I actually really miss Russian winter... So I'm going to wear my PJs inside out and do a snow dance tonight! :)
xoxo. Veronica

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