Monday, January 23, 2012

A day of listening

Before leaving for school this morning, I already knew what I wanted for lunch... Buckwheat... A big bowl of freshly made hot buckwheat. The gloomy, overcast, cold day made me crave the warmth and the nutty flavor of this healthy grain. And so, for the 2 hours of lecture on cirrhosis and various liver diseases, all I could think about was having my buckwheat. And that I sure did.

When I got home, I prepared a big bowl of buckwheat, topped with 1/2 of crumbled up veggie patty (all natural & vegan, my fave by Don Lee Farms, purchased at Costco!), canned peas, and kidney beans. I added a pinch of salt, pepper, and garlic powder... And I was happy. The lunch was filling, but it still felt light.

A few hours later, I started getting that feeling... the feeling that makes sitting at your desk impossible... my body was antsy to get outside. Great... I thought... In the rain and cold, that's exactly what my body should be craving! But when my body talks to me, I listen.

To my luck, the Weather Channel promised a rain-free cloud patch for at least 30 min. So I taped the metatarsal cushions to my feet (to hopefully prevent any foot pain), braided my hair, layered up, turned on the RunKeeper app, and off I went without any goals or expectations for my run.

It was one of those rare runs when I felt like I could just keep going and going. I felt light. It felt easy. At the 1.4mi mark where I have to decide between the 2.8mi- or the 4mi- loop, I didn't even think. I kept going. And so, that's how I ran today's 4 miles. There may have been slushy snow beneath my feet and cold raindrops above my head, but I loved every moment of it. I had no intention of going fast. I just wanted to go. It. felt. wonderful.  And yeah, guess the Weather Channel lied about the no rain part... what else is new.

I've stopped running with headphones months ago. Instead, I kinda enjoy having a conversation with myself inside my head. I replay conversations, things I learned in class, day dream about new recipes. My runs are my me time, and I don't let even music lyrics interrupt.

[Though I loved my slower pace, I do admit that I sprinted the last 1/4 mi because it started pouring. Hence the 6:54min/mi split :)]

My post-run snack was both delicious and beautiful. I treated myself to a "parfait" made with layers of Greek yogurt, banana, white (!!!) chia seeds, instant oats, and strawberry-goji berry preserves. Quadruple yummm! And perfect high protein, high potassium snack!

I may have also snacked on some Food Should Taste Good kettle corn chips... You know where to get some :)

Rain rain, go away!



  1. After I read this post I immediately was inspired to go for a run, thanks!! :) And that post-run snack looks DELICIOUS

  2. That's awesome! I'm always delighted to inspire :)
    And the post-run snack was heavenly