Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Run to eat & Eat to run

Hey there! What a BEAUTIFUL day it was today!!! High 50s and lots of happy sunshine! I couldn't wait to get home from school!

Lunch was 'aight. A combination of last night's leftovers - our awesome homemade pizza with mushrooms and caramelized onions, and yes, with lots of delicious ketchup! Plus a pretty salad and a juicy green apple.
I can't say I was full after this lunch - I had every intention of having lunch numero dos once I got home. But this was enough for me to feel content.

I couldn't not take advantage of such perfect weather - perfect for a run! My left foot was feeling funky today, so I was hesitant to go running. But, I told myself that I would stay on grass the entire time, and if it continued to hurt after a few minutes, I would just go for a walk.

Today's run was one of those I'm-totally-zoned-out kind of runs. I forgot about the funky foot. I didn't even think about where to turn or how far I was going. I didn't think about the pace. I just ran to feel good. And felt good I did!
...except for the last mile when I guess I zoned back in and realized how tired I was! And how hungry I was getting!

My post-run lunch numero dos began with a small bowl of mushroom soup and scrumptious Wasa crispbread with lots and lots of good ole' hummus + roasted red pepper. An hour later, I was craving nuts, and I opted for pistachios.  [I can't get over how beautiful they are!] It's seems like if I go a few days without nuts or a nut butter of some sort, my body starts craving it! Not a bad addiction to have, methinks! :)

Refueled and satisfied, back to studying I go! Hope your day is going well!

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