Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello world!

Ever since I first started blogging at Happy By Nature, I've been trying to discover the true identity/shape/form that I wanted my blog to take. Being an avid blog reader, I knew that I wanted my blog to accurately portray me as :


  • a person, friend, daughter, and medical student = compassionate, fun, crazy, busy, stressful, but always happy at the end of the day

  • a health nut = food, fitness, and lifestyle

  • a lover of all things kind (earth-friendly & animal-friendly)

  • ...and all things pretty :)

What I couldn't figure out was how to solidify all of this... How often to post? Which recipes to feature? What products to review? How much to include about my personal daily life? etc. etc. Over time, I realized that I was overthinking it waaay too much! Just blog, I told myself!

But I wanted to start fresh once again. And with the new year My Eats and Treats was born!

Through My Eats, I will share with you my daily meals, to hopefully inspire you to experiment in the kitchen and to fall in love with wholesome, seasonal, and (mostly) plant-based eating. Through trial and error I have finally found a lifestyle that works for me - wholesome and healthy. I am not an anything “-itarian”, but I enjoy vegetarian foods most of the time. At the end of the day, I want my lifestyle to represent my awareness and conscientiousness of what is good for me and for the planet, and what I think might help you feel good, too! Whenever possible, I will try to include as much reliable information about healthy living that I've learned as a medical student.

Through My Treats, I will share with you my old & new favorite things (edible & not!), discoveries, projects, places, activities, and people. These are all "treats" to me because in midst of my very hectic life as a medical student, they remind me of the many wonderful, beautiful, delicious, inspiring, and uplifting things outside my med school bubble.

So please stop by to learn about my daily eats & treats and to share your own!



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