Friday, January 27, 2012

The nutterbut squash

How in the world was it 55F degrees today?! It was deceitful, though, because the winds were brutal! I didn't get to go outside, so I'm planning for a run tomorrow. I hope the Wind Gods will have left by then!

When I got home from lecture, I was uber hungry, and because lunch wasn't ready yet, I started munching on pita chips with hummus. The munching went on for too long... I should have known better! So, lunch followed a little later and was on the lighter side. But it was surely delightful! A bowl of pea soup and a bowl of sauteed sour kraut. Grandma has been adding capers to many of her dishes - I love their little bursts of sourness! [This is coming from the girl that eats whole lemons...]

My afternoon snack included greek yogurt, toast, and a cup of coffee. I was sleeepy!

And oh my, was dinner lovely or what!? Salad (duh!), with balsamic glazed roasted butternut sqush, quinoa, and salmon with carrots, onion, garlic, and mushrooms sauteed/caramelized in tomato paste.

I was so excited to make butternut squash after I bought this beauty today at the Farmer's Market! But I had no idea what to do with it. I figured roasting never fails! So I got to work... First search term: nutterbut... Good job, Veronica. 

Once I figured out why my search failed to yield any recipes, I came across Chelsey's recipe for Balsamic Glazed Butternut Squash Fries, and followed it to a T. The result: phenomenal. [I actually roasted about 1/4 of the squash just in olive oil and salt... not sure what I'm going to do with it yet, you'll certainly see it incorporated into some meal in some shape or form!]

Dessert featured a small hunk of freshly baked bread and a spoonful of Nutella. And a cup of green tea, of course!

Does anyone have any nutterbut squash recipes to share with me? Looking for suggestions!

The deadline to enter the FSTG giveaway is almost here!!! Who's going to get lucky?

Have a good night, everybody!

♥ V.

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