Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Clean & happy

...don't worry, I didn't skip my daily bowl of dinner salad...

Now this is what I call a good clean diet! All natural, organic, wild, unprocessed, full of good fats, protein, and carbs. Hallelujah!

There is nothing better than knowing that your personal dietary choices leave a good mark not only on your health, but also on our planet. Eat local. Eat organic. Reduce animal products. Be conscientious. Be present. You will see tremendous changes in your health and well-being. You have one life to live and one planet to live it on.

I admit that my favorite lifestyle is a vegan one. It truly makes every cell in my body happy. It makes me glow within. It feels right and wholesome. Since I've moved back home, I haven't had the same control over my diet because my grandma cooks for the family. My family isn't all that carnivorous. Though they eat meat and fish nearly every day, they eat very small portions. I'm so grateful for their support and I could never reject the wholesome meals my grandma puts so much work and joy into. Most of the time, she actually goes out of her way to make more filling vegetarian options and she experiments with new dishes just for me. I would never trade that for anything. Today's meal may not have been vegetarian, but it was a healthy and conscientious one, made with love. And I'm grateful.

xoxo. Veronica

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