Friday, January 13, 2012

Sleep. Eat. Grey's. Repeat.

Well hello there! It's Friday night and I can't be any more excited for the weekend. I'll be visiting M (the boy) and Phoebe (the best friend), both of whom I've sadly neglected because of exams. Being with them is always such a treat!

It's been a very long week for me, but at last exam week has passed. In case you were wondering, I'm alive! The moment I turned in my exam, I realized just how exhausted I felt. Literally, as if my legs were going to give out. And hot. Very hot. Turns out - I had a fever all of morning! No wonder I thought the lecture hall was uncomfortably warm... :-/

So, I spent most of the day trying to recuperate. This translated into: sleeping, eating, and being a couch potato, and I surely needed it.

Through seemingly endless highschool and college years of sleepless nights and over-caffeinated days, I finally know just how important it is for one's sanity and health to have those moments of laziness. You need a break. A breather. An extended moment to just be.

On any normal day, being a couch potato is not acceptable. But today, it really was. ... My body wasn't up for running today. So I listened to my body. I rested. Hopefully, it will be up for a brisk run in the 30F morning chill tomorrow morning!  Need. to. run. asap.

My eating was very sporadic because I kept dosing on and off whilst catching up on Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, and Pretty Little Liars (guilty pleasure). And! I finally got to read up on my favorite blogs and flip through the Pottery Barn magazine that arrived over a week ago. I felt like a human again. Minus the fever.

So let's see what I ate:

  • 4:30am Breakfast - protein smoothie

  • 8:30am on the way to school - small banana

  • 10am while taking the exam - 2 cubes of Navitas Naturals Power Snack, 2 Herkshey kisses

  • 12:30pm lunch & mentally braindead - pea soup, sauteed sour kraut, fried potato w/ mushrooms

  • 4pm snack - cabbage pierog

  • 8pm dinner - salad with sardines in balsamic vinegar & olive oil, whole grain bread


  • 9pm - tea time! - green tea, strawberry slices on toast


  • 10pm weekly pistachio tradition w/ grandma - we de-shell (sp?) pistachios to refill our nut jar! ... and consume a handful in the process :)... In retrospect, I probably shouldn't have eaten them, but pistachios are my favorite and I wasn't too full from dinner anyway!


I apologize for lack of pictures to document my couch potato-ness! My brain (& memory) has been a bit overstimulated and made sleep a priority today.

And now I must bid adieu.

Have a wonderful weekend! Do you have any exciting plans?

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