Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Healthy living club

Today I had a lunch meeting for a student group called "Healthy Living Task Force," started by my two close friends and now run by several additional classmates and myself. I love this club and what it stands for! We organize events (lunch lectures, cooking classes, potluck dinners, day trips, etc.) to educate and remind fellow med students about the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle - physical and mental. We talk a lot about the healing properties of various foods and diets, and we are interested in sustainability and food security. And we are all total foodies! :)

I am currently trying to organize events with Gena from Choosing Raw and Barbara from Rawfully Tempting! Keeping my fingers crossed that it works out! Gena and Barbara are such inspirations and we all have a lot to learn from them.

If you are from the Tri-state area and happened to stumble upon this post and are interested in participating in an event or know someone with the experience in health promotion, please contact me!

...on a different note, last night's fiesta continued with today's lunch:


I mixed my black bean + corn dip with mixed greens, veggies and kale. Added olive oil, balsamic vinegar and salt, and voila!


I didn't expect this to hold me over for long, so when I got home a couple hours later, I had a small meal - sautéed sour kraut and veggies with toast. My favorite stuff :)


Hope your day is going well!
xoxo. Veronica

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