Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stuffed {Pel'meni with Seitan}

I came across Ksenia's recipe for veganized version of Russian Pel'meni (dumplings most often stuffed with ground beef, pork, or turkey, or any combination of these) probably a year ago (or possibly even longer than that... I've lost all sense of time in medical school). It's been on my mind for a while, and at last, today, it became a reality! ...All thanks to my grandmother. I caught her making Pel'meni with ground meat, and asked if she could make a few more with the seitan I had bought earlier this week. 
Oh My Goodness. These were AWESOME. 

We boiled them in vegetable broth, mixed in tzatziki, and each ate probably a dozen of them!

Second course was a mix of leftovers - sauteed sour kraut, roasted butternut squash, and sauteed veggies (I added nutritional yeast to boost protein and B12 content - makes it kinda cheesy/creamy! Love it!)
The above plate was refilled twice. I was in food heaven. :)

Grandma and I then went off to Costco to get groceries for the week. I always think/hope that if I have lunch before going to Costco, I'll be able to walk past all the food samples... Once again, I was wrong. 
Cheese, yogurt, cookie dough... you name it, I tried it. Oops. At least we did a lot of walking!

So what are your thoughts about my blog layout... Wordpress? or Blogger?

It's Sunday? What?!

xoxo. Veronica 

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