Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday funday

A wonderful weekend with wonderful company!

Last night, M and I were in the mood for Thai food, so we ended up at Bangkok Thai 9.
M had a chicken yellow curry dish and I had "Bangkok Eggplant" - eggplant, pepper, and carrots stir fried in garlic sauce. The dish came with several meat options, but I asked for tofu (thinking it would be stir-fried too). I got fried tofu. Though not what I had I mind, I was delighted. Not exactly healthy, but soooooo good! :)

But let's have the pictures do the talking for today's eats and treats...

M treated me to fresh homemade whole wheat waffles. With maple syrup. I love waffles with fresh fruit, but he didn't have any. Neverless, this dish got a 5-star yummm ranking!



I then headed over to Phoebe's for some girl time. We did what we do best together. Talked. Vented. Day-dreamed. Cooked. And Ate. And took pictures.


Phoebe has the most beautiful dish collection. Like this adorable mug from Anthropologie. Total love. I couldn't stop taking pictures!

On our lunch menu: Quinoa salad with artichokes, olives, mozzarella, cannelloni beans, and fresh tomatoes. (Sundried tomatoes and cilantro would have also made great additions to this dish!) With olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and...

...Garlic Gold Italian Herb Nuggets! This stuff is aaamazing, organic, and delicious. Garlic Gold literally makes any dish fabulous.


Gotta fluff the quinoa!


Do you see the air-borne quinoa?! Caught in action. Gotta thank my awesome personal photographer. Good job, Phoebe :)


The salad was wonderful. And those olives you're eyeing in the center... we ate them all. That's one of the gazillion things Phoebe and I have in common. Our love for olives :)

And then I treated myself to one of my favorite treats. Phoebe is Iranian and her mom recently made an Iranian version of meringue cookies... with walnuts... A definite treat.


When I got home, grandma and I had some of the Sharlotka I made yesterday and a cup of coffee. Both M and grandma were happy with this sweet treat! I'm excited to try making it with nuts and different fruit. I'm thinking peaches or cherries or persimmon. And next time, I would reduce the amount of sugar the original recipe called for. The apples I used were naturally sweet enough :)


Grandma and I then made a trip to the farmer's market. For me, this automatically translated into a gynormous bowl of salad for dinner. What you can't see is a whole lot of kale hiding under the mountain of other veggies. :)


Kale can be a bit tough to chew, so I first rub it with vinegar and let it stand for a few minutes. It becomes soft and totally chewable!

And here it is! Hiding no longer! Look at the gorgeous radishes and all the greens. I'm obsessed with parsley. Apparently, fresh parsley stimulates the circulatory system, increases energy, and reduces water retention. It is green and good, so I wouldn't be surprised! :)


I also had a few spinach raviolis and steamed string beans on the side.

The dinner wrapped up with another delicious, healthy treat - KIND fruit and nut bar! I shared it with grandma, and we enjoyed every. single. bite. 


I hope you had a chance to treat yourself and your loved ones to something delicious, kind, and caring this weekend! Have a good night!




  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend and a yummy day!!! That quinoa salad looks so good! I too am obsessed with olives! :)