Thursday, January 12, 2012


Stomach is still unhappy because of coffee, stress and anxiety... But I'm a three-meals-a-day kind of gal. Grandma's soups always come to the rescue when I'm having exam-induced stomachache:


This borscht is truly wonderful. It's so flavorful and so healthy. Vegan, too! (but traditional borscht is made with pork and/or beef) Recipe to be posted soon, I promise!
I decided to wait a couple hours to eat he second course but boy was I excited for it!


Stuffed pepper! With mushrooms and barley, baked in a tomato sauce with extra veggies!


The beauty of this dish is that you can make so many substitutions. Change up the grains, add legumes, even meat if you'd like! The classic Russian recipe uses ground meet and rice, and is usually served with sour cream. My personal favorite is the one I had today :)

Have you made stuffed peppers before?


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  1. I never liked the idea of borscht when I was a kid, but now it's sounding lovely. I'll have to try it soon!