Thursday, January 12, 2012

All mixed up

When day-to-day life becomes so monotonous during exam week - eat | coffee | study repeat | +/- some random form of exercise so I don't develop a DVT from sitting so long, it's hard to keep track of time... It's Thursday?!?!?


On top of that, being under the weather and lacking sleep are never a good combination... With the intention of waking up at 6am to get studying... I woke up 10am?!?!
Immediately I rushed down to the kitchen to prepare my go-to breakfast when time is short - a bowl of mixed cereal.


Ever since I discovered the grand world of cereal in America (we only had corn flakes in Russia), I used the opportunity to get creative. My cereal policy: there must be at least two different kinds mixed to add texture, to reduce cereals' inappropriate sweetness, and to increase fiber content. Today's bowl did just that - raisin bran + Kashi heart to heart + cheerios + Nature Path's pumpkin flax granola (a-mazing!)... Add almond milk and I'm once again ready to work!

... Can't believe I just wrote an entire post about cereal...

Question: do you like that I post for every meal or is it too much? Would you like me to add nutritional profile/breakdown of each day? I want to know what you think! Comment below please! I'll be adding recipes, product features, and giveaways over the weekend!


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