Saturday, January 28, 2012


I may have officially started a weekend tradition! Last week's Happyolks have become an official treat, and I decided to make them again today for my grandma and me. The first time I made them, they looked like eggs and bread scrambled together... but it looks like I'm finally getting the hang of it! Aren't they beautiful?

Whole grain for moi. White bread for grandma.

As soon as I got our Happyolks off the skillet, we dug in!

I love the runny yolk! Hmm, shall I name this morning's treat Runnyolks? Methinks yes! And local farm fresh organic eggs are a gazillion times more delicious (and more nutritious!!!) than the store bought ones. They are not expensive, and the taste and your support of local farmers is worth so much more than the some-cent-difference.

And so, thank you, Runnyolks, for making my Saturday a happy and bright one! (Yellow is my favorite color, by the way!)

I highly recommend these beauties with grated cheese or a soft cheese on top! SO GOOD!

Have a wonderful Saturday!


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