Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Tonight's potluck dinner {and giveaway winner!}

So tonight I got together with N and M to catch up over dinner! We try to do potluck dinners a few times a month. You might recall our Mexican Fiesta a month ago. Tonight was Italian night.

N put together a yummy salad with lots of fresh feta cheese [...apparently,  thought feta cheese was originally from Italy... Greece and Italy are close, but I think she was thinking mozzarella?]. Anyways, the salad was so good! I love feta! [minus the fact that she thought the cheese would suffice as the salad dressing... M and I had to explain that cheese is not a dressing... silly girl!] Love you, N! :)

M was the main chef. He made perfect baked ziti. Perfect amount of cheese. Perfect combination of cheeses. It was simple yet delicious. Among the three of us, we happily devoured almost half the tray! It was yummy. And we were hungry!

M also has a brand new espresso machine, and we were fully determined to take advantage of it... even at 8 o'clock at night [I hope I won't regret it tonight!]

And dessert was on me! I was super excited to make the chocolate fudge that I've stumbled upon on several of my fave blogs - Chocolate-Covered KatieCookie and Kate, and My Celebrations. The recipe is super easy and the result very yummy (I followed My Celebrations' tweaked recipe but substituted chunky almond butter for peanut butter).

However, note to self: No matter how delicious/healthy/easy a recipe may be, and no matter how excited you may be to finally make it, if it calls for any kind of fruit in any shape or form and you know one of your friends (M, I'm looking at you!) despises fruit in any shape or form (crazy, right?!), save the recipe for another time! I should have made chocolate chip cookies... Thankfully, at least N enjoyed it as much as I did! (or at least I think she did...)

...and the moment you've all been waiting for...

The winner of Food Should Taste Good Giveaway is... [drum roll please]... Jamie!!!
Congratulations! Please check your email!

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to enter the giveaway. I hope you continue to visit my blog. I enjoy hearing from you! Another exciting giveaway is a few days away! :) Tee-hee

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