Monday, February 6, 2012

It's Borscht Day! {#Vegan Borscht}

Yup! It's yet another homemade soup day celebration en mi casa! It's Borscht Day! Can I proclaim it an official holiday? This soup totally deserves the recognition!

Here is my grandma's recipe for our vegan Borscht. This is as basic as it gets! My grandma doesn't use measurements, so for now, I'll just describe the process, and will eventually figure out just how much of everything you need!

Start my sauteeing onion, shredded beet, and shredded carrot. Add a pinch of salt. When almost done (based on tenderness of the veggies), stir in a spoonful of tomato paste.

In the meantime, prepare the broth. Our standard homemade vegetable broth has leek, celery, celery root, dill, parsley,and onion. Add seasonings and spices of choice (i.e. salt, pepper, and Italian seasoning mix).

Add the beet mixture to the broth. Finally, add chopped up cabbage, and allow to cook until cabbage softens. Don't cover the pot while the soup cooks!

Toward the end, add a few peppercorns and bay leaves. Once cooked, turn off the flame or reduce to low, cover and allow to stand for ~10min. And enjoy!

The Russian way is to top the borscht with a spoonful of sour cream (We use tzatziki or Greek yogurt).

And so, today's lunch featured borscht, sautéed cabbage with sweet potato slices (two leftovers combined into one!) and some pasta with Parmesan!

An afternoon snack included decaf coffee and wasa crisp bread with hummus (with a dash of pepper and garlic powder)! I was craving salty today! 

I foresee a fruit or nuts being consumed before dinner. :)

Hope your Monday is going well!

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