Friday, February 10, 2012

I don't hate it! {Chocolate Peanut Butter Oats}


Blog written last night. Pictures & recipe adjustments inserted this morning. That's the beauty of planning your meals. And that's what you call blogger commitment/obsession! :) I love keeping this blog! It's like a diary, except I'm happy sharing it with everyone. Apart from my loyal readers club that constantly leaves me comments and "likes," I do wonder sometimes who pays my blog a visit. Hello to ya'll!

Anywho... breakfast featured my classic overnight oats, double-sized for the big day (1/2 cup instant oats + 2 tsp chia + 2/3 cup water). Overnight oats are easy, fast, filling, healthy, and fun! Fun, because I get to adorn my bowl of oats with whatever I'm in the mood for in the morning.

Today [inserted this morning] warmed up the overnight oats with a splash of almond milk. I decided to go with classic whipped banana oats (1/2 large banana, sliced and stirred in until mostly "creamy" in texture) with cinnamon and the not-so classic chocolate chips (1 tbsp)! ...Just answering a craving, and I don't hate it! [...gosh, I was obsessed with that show! Still love MK+A!] Also stirred in is PB2 (1 tbsp) and a few drops of vanilla extract.


Because we all know that the {chocolate + peanut butter + banana} combo is u.n.b.e.a.t.a.b.l.e.

Isn't there a classic dessert that's made of these ingredients? Or am I making it up? Banana foster? Banana split? Yes? I'm not very good with traditional American things... things that American kids grow up eating/doing. I kind of skipped that stage... Like Sesame Street... I know nothing about Sesame Street, except that it had intresting animal-like characters one of who was a cookie monster (I would have loooved him!) But I did watch "Rugrats" and "Hey Arnold" in Russia! Except the whole "football head" neckname didn't translate well in a country where no such sport existed... Hummfff.

My fave Raw Crunch bar is accompanying me to school in case I get hungry during the exam.


Please send me positive brain waves (and also those that know everything about the GI system)! Kthnxbye. :) I'm off to take this exam... Next time I post - it will be over! Yay!

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  1. I used to LOVE Rugrats and Hey, Arnold when I was growing up!
    Your oats look delicious. PB, Chocolate, and Banana is one of my favorite flavor combinations. And those Raw Crunch bars are amazing. (: