Sunday, February 5, 2012

Roasted & Toasted {snack & dinner}

I had a speedy date with sunshine today!!! To my luck, or lack thereof, our wireless was malfunctioning. So while my dad was trying to resolve the issue, I took advantage of this time away from the computer to get some Vitamin D! Good decision. :)
Since I ran a long-ish distance yesterday, I decided to make this one shorter but slighter faster. Still worried about my foot (I'm recovering from metatarsalgia), I stayed on the grass the entire time. If you didn't read yesterday's lunch post, I'm looking for sneaker recommendations! Something with lots of cushioning in the mid- and forefoot. I don't heel strike. :)

A delicious snack loaded with healthy fats, fiber, and alotta protein followed shortly. Gotta love CHO! The granola is actually a mixture of some of the leftover "crumbs" I've accumulated - Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola, KIND Healthy Grains Honey Almond Clusters, and my very own toasted buckwheat from Friday night dinner! This was the perfect crunch to adorn my Blueberry Chobani!

And later, I treated myself to the last remaining Food Should Taste Good Salt + Vinegar Sweet Potato Chips. They are all gone now :'(
A fabulous and healthy dinner came soon enough!
Roasted salmon "Greek style" (coated with a marinade made of miracle whip, tomatoes, dill, and parmesan) and potato slices. With a side salad, of course. Num-num-num!
Thanks so much for stopping by! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Here's to a great week ahead!

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