Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Vegified #WIAW

I'm excited to join hundreds of other bloggers in the What I Ate Wednesday movement! And I certainly vegified today's meals, as Peas & Crayons encouraged (Love that blog to pieces!) :) My WIAW featured lots of eating and snacking - my appetite was through the roof!

{Breakfast - 7 a.m.} - Vanilla Protein Pancakes with toasted almond slices and strawberries. Lots of coffee, too, because I just couldn't wake up this morning! I love this breakfast - it's so filling and healthy (23g of protein = 50% DV!!!), and the endless variety of toppings makes it fun and something to look forward to in the morning. I actually prepared the pancakes "batter" last night and kept it in the fridge. And get this - since I don't have a blender and since this is a one-serving recipe all for me (thus too small for a food processor), I blended the ingredients in a coffee grinder! Worked like magic :)



{Snack - 10:30a.m.} - A juicy pear that my dear N gifted me yesterday for Valentine's Day. Only best friends gift each other with fruit :)

{Lunch 12p.m.} - A mixed salad with balsamic strawberries (which I made last night by soaking strawberry slices in balsamic vinegar and a dash of brown sugar) amd roasted tofu cubes. D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s. Another friend treated with to a red velvet cookie - so moist and oh so yum!


{Snack/ lunch numero dos - 3:30pm} - When I got home from school, I knew I needed something to hold me over til dinner. So, I had a bowl of Borscht soup and pita chips with hummus (still obsessed with hummus... but I officially finished the big container we got at Costco... tear)

{Dinner - 7p.m.} - A gorgeous salad with more of my balsamic strawberries, pan-roasted brussels sprouts with caramelized onion, and shrimp-onions-broccoli-red bell pepper stir fry.



{Dessert - 8:30p.m.} - Have you ever heard of "aerated chocolate"?! That's the literal translation of this Russian treat we got at the Russian store! The bubbles make it so smooth and light - love how it melts!



And have you ever tried this unbelievably delicious and healthy sweet treat? Apparently it claims to be a snack, but to me - there is nothing about it that doesn't scream "dessert"! These bite-size brown rice crispy "almond pops" are heavenly - AND currently sold in Costco!!! Take a look at this list of ingredients: oven baked almonds, rice syrup, puffed brown rice, dried cranberries, puffed white rice, cane sugar, crispy rice, molasses, sea salt, natural flavors. Wow. I have a feeling I'll need to stock up on these before they are forever gone from Costco. I've never seen them before and have no idea where else I would get them again.


And so, here is to my very first What I Ate Wednesday and to the many more to come! It's so fun to document my daily eats - it allows me to make a retrospective review of my dietary habits to see how I eat and if I need to change any habits... I've noticed a recent increase in my sweet tooth activity, which I think I should address... I think. Baby steps. Just listening to my body and trying to be good to it!

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  1. um i love YOU to pieces! happy wiaw! loving your colorful meals and beautiful photos!!! <3 Hooray for your first party post!!! xoxo

  2. aww! thanks, jenn! thank you for stopping by! <3

  3. I've seen great reviews on those almond pops. I'll have to get some next time! Have you seen the Love Crunch granola at your Costco? Those are quite good too. My whole family ate my stash!

  4. I love your pretty pics, and particularly the strawberries in them. Happy WIAW!