Saturday, February 4, 2012

A dinner with too many options

And the feast goes on... This is my definition of fine dining at home! So many beautiful options, and I got to have them all! :)

Tonight's dinner featured the following:
(1) Salad (of course...) (2) Sautéed fresh cabbage (w/ sausages which I chose not to eat, but don't they look cute? Just make small "x" cuts at each end before boiling, and they will look like flowers!) (3) Roasted sweet potato slices (4) And BLINCHIKI (Russian crepes)!!! With blueberries. And tea.

It may seem like too much - too many different flavors, textures, colors, etc. But it honestly wasn't. That's pretty much the case anytime one uses fresh wholesome ingredients - they just magically work together!

Ah! My Saturday flew by way too quickly! I'm so glad I got to go outside for a little bit today. Fresh air makes a world of a difference... well in my world at least!

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