Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Hour with Grandma


Okay... if I haven't admitted this to you already... I'm obsessed with this protein muffin recipe that I've been making for the past few weeks. It's delicious, easy, fast, and so filling! Today, I topped it off with a spoonful of PB2 peanut butter, which was the perfect nutty saltiness I desired!

For snack, I packed a jar of raw veggies - celery and carrot sticks to munch on during class! [There is a reason one of my nicknames is bunny-rabbit in Russian...]. I also always carry a little jar of nuts with me for those days when my packed snack just doesn't curb my morning hunger... Today was one of those days! So, I also munched on a handful of almonds and peanuts.


Then came lunch and a lunch lecture (on the role of medical interpreter in community clinics). With lunch lectures comes free lunch, and today's free lunch by far surpassed the typical free pizza. Gourmet sandwiches - one with turkey and another with grilled veggies and mushrooms. Guess which one I liked more? :) Veggie one, duh!


The day was beautiful, but I just wasn't in the mood to go running... However, knowing me and how amazing I always feel after any run - I forced myself to put on my running shoes and head outdoors for a 3-miler. No regrets there fo' sho'! Though I felt a little tired and my legs a bit heavy, I came home feeling refreshed and relaxed.


And talking about running shoes... I finally invested in a new pair, and I'm in LOVE. Brooks PureFlow shoes definitely fall in my "treat" category, but a treat surely worth the investment ($90 >> but I got a 10% student discount, therefore, $81!!!). They are well-cuchioned throughout the sole, and especially in the midfoot-forefoot, which is exactly what I was looking for (I'm recovering from a metatarsalgia). The forefoot's sole is also wider, giving the forefoot landing more surface area, and thus a softer landing and more stability.



And post-run, I got ready for a Happy Hour with my grandma! Well, not the kind of happy hour you all think... It's my family's tradition to have coffee or tea time every afternoon... Today was a coffee date (I brewed half-caf-half-decaf for us). And to hold us over until dinner, we had our beloved Chobani. I also toasted whole wheat mini bagels for us. I topped my bagel slice with Laughing Cow soft cheese, grandma chose butter. To "fool" our stomachs, I sliced the mini bagels into 4 slices instead of the regular two. So what you see here is actually just 1.5 mini bagels! We left the happy hour with happy tummies. :)

Chobani is always my go-to snack after a run - the protein source is unbeatable! The coffee may seem like a bad choice for after a work-out, but it actually works great because of its antioxidant content. [In fact, it was recommended by Runner's World!]


More antioxidants came in the form of a bowl of defrosted mixed berries. No sugar added. Eaten as is. Loved every bite :)


For dinner, I had a craving to fulfill... All I wanted was fried eggs! I've read way too many blog posts on runny yolks atop of a bed of grains... hence the craving... My happyolk rested on top of buckwheat kasha. A side salad (topped with roasted shredded beet) completed this wholesome meal.




...but here is the real treat to finish off the night! Haven't had ice cream in what seems like forever! This one is my favorite... Haagen-Dazs Vanilla & Almonds Bar... No more words are necessary right here...


Hope your week is going well! Don't forget to treat yourself to something special - edible or not! A moment of joy... A moment of rest... A moment of peace and quiet... A moment to be...

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