Friday, February 3, 2012

Alive and well {Banana Kefir Overnight Oats}

...that's a phrase we tend to use when asking about a patient's family history- is so and so alive and well?

Well, I'm alive! But yesterday was surely hectic and I barely had time to eat legit meals, let alone document them!To recap. Post my wonderful breakfast (about which I am still so proud), I had to get ready for a clinical skills test, which entails doing a history and physical exam on a standardized patient... In 8 minutes! One patient had something that sounded a whole lot like appendicitis, and the second one presented with angina (chest pain due to poor circulation of blood in the heart). I was so nervous the entire morning, but it went okay!

Lunch was a great concoction of various stuff... Sour kraut soup, buckwheat, a crumbled up veggie patty, some more sour kraut, and aaamazing marinated mushrooms.


For the rest of the day I ended up having little snacks here and there, like my fave KIND bar with coffee! N also treated me to cheese and crackers. And I munched on fruit to hold me over through the night at the clinic.
I had a very late meeting after the clinic, so we go food with friends. Thank goodness everyone was as hungry as I was! Nachos (with gourmet cheese?!), pizza, stuff like that!...and so I got home a little before midnight! That's what I call a very long day!


And now it's a new day and a new breakfast!!! :) which was wonderful yet again!
I combined 1/2 Chobani strawberry Greek Yogurt, 1/2 cup kefir, 1/4 cup water, 1 tsp chia, 1 tbsp instant oats --> stand overnight and topped with banana and sprinkled with cinnamon love in the mornin'! Voila!

Omg! Happy Friday! The week flew by for me!

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