Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tangy & tart {Blueberry Kefir Omega Bowl}

Have you ever had kefir? I practically grew up on it, so I'm biased when I saw, I love it. I've learned my lesson after I encouraged a friend to try it for the first time, and she thought it was awful.

Let's put it this way... I think you'd have to be a lover of plain yogurt to like kefir. It's a liquid-y and more tart version of it. It's a probiotic milk with all the good-for-you probiotics. We buy the Organic Low Fat Plain Kefir by Lifeway, and let me say that it's very tart. But you can get the fruity ones, and it's like drinking a smoothie! Yummm!

Now let's take a moment to appreciate this beauty:

I started out with overnight mixture of kefir + chia.
In the morning, I added the defrosted blueberries I had leftover form yesterday's oladushki. And then, I became mesmerized by the beautiful pattern the blueberry juice created in my bowl...

Once I snapped back to reality, I decided to keep going with the breakfast adornments. Today's theme: lots of Omega-3s! In addition to the chia, I topped my kefir bowl with organic shelled hemp seeds.

To counteract the tartness, I added 1/2 banana and Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola.
Is this a smoothie?! There was no blending involved, but I guess it kind of is! :)

One word: wow. This was a wonderful new experiment, and I'm excited to do it again! Good thing we got two bottles of kefir last night. :) I think I'm on a roll with my breakfast creativity!

Also, I announced the winner of the FSTG giveaway here! Did you win? :)

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