Wednesday, March 14, 2012

#WIAW Happy Pi Day!

Hello my lovelies! Happy Pi Day! I hope your week is going well! Though I'm always busy with either school, work, or volunteering, the week never fails to fly by for me. That's why I always try to slow down the pace of my weekends, thought even they seem too short, too.

Today's WIAW was fantabulous, and filled with both old and new favorites. (Sadly, no pies were consumed...)

{Breakfast - 7:30am} Protein Oats with Fresh Strawberries. I made instant oats, stirred in 1/2 scoop of SunWarrior, added a pinch of salt (my trick to hiding the chalkiness of a protein powder!), and a dash of cinnamon. Topped with fresh strawberries and Nature's Path Pumpkin Flax Plus Granola. (The pumpkin seeds are my favorite! I always pick them out. Shhh, don't tell!)

{Morning Snack - 10am} A handful of pistachios! (not pictured)

{Lunch - 12:30pm} Cabbage Wraps with Sprouted Bean Trio and Shredded Carrots. A new creation! I am in love with TruRoots Sprouted Bean Trio, which we found at - believe it or not - Costco! (We practically live there, haha). This trio consists of the nutritious and delicious organic sprouted lentils, mung, and adzuki beans. A hardy combo indeed! I simply cooked the trio according to instructions on the package, seasoned with salt and olive oil. I also microwaved a few cabbage leaves and shredded carrots (I used a potato peeler to turn it into "pasta"!) to soften them up. I then scooped some of the beans and carrots into a cabbage leaf, rolled it all up, and num num num... Need not say more :) A simple, clean, nutritious vegetarian meal.

{Afternoon Snack - 3pm} - (not pictured) For a much needed energy kick, I had a cup of coffee and some CHO love - I went with plain CHO and drizzled some maple syrup and crushed pistachios. An old favorite!

{Dinner - 7pm} - (1) A bowl of salad (lettuce-less but filled with all sorts of raw veggies and greens instead!) topped with grated black radish. The cool thing (in addition to its phenomenal health benefits), is that only the skin of the radish is black, while the flesh is a juicy white! (2) Pasta with turkey and sauteed red peppers, zucchini, eggplant, and tomatoes. (3) Pumpkin pancakes for dessert with a cup of tea!
Sounds like a pretty delicious WIAW to me!

And guess what?! Remember my recent review on Barney Butter? Thanks to all of you who've expressed similar excitement for this delicious healthy nutty creation, the kind folks from Barney Butter will give away a 16oz jar of Barney Butter to one lucky reader! Please head over to this post to read the review (if you haven't done so already) and to enter!

xoxo. Veronica

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