Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Too excited right now - Al Dente Pasta! {Giveaway}

I am so excited right now because I just received a package from Al Dante Pasta with their three new products: (1) Bona Chia Fettuccini (2) Whole Wheat Linguine (3) Spinach Pappardelle

Watch this first, and then keep reading! :)

I first learned about Al Dente Pasta when I watched a recent news segment on Top 5 Food Trends. It's BonaChia pastas were selected from nearly 80,000 other new products to be featured (that surely has got to be such an honor and so exciting!)

Just a few minutes of browsing through their website, and I couldn't contain the excitement of the pasta lover in me... I reached out to the company and heard back from Monique - the co-founder of Al Dente Pasta (it was founded in 1981 by a husband-and-wife team! Love that!). Customer service of a family-run business surely can't get any better that that. Monique kindly offered to send me a few of their new products to try and to contribute to their growing number of recipes... and to sponsor a giveaway for ya'll!
High in fiber and protein, low in fat and sugar, and made from the highest quality of all natural (and local!!!) ingredients, these Al Dente Pastas have officially found a special place in my heart.
Al Dente Pasta only uses the very best ingredients—100 percent North American-Grown durum wheat, farm fresh eggs plus premium herbs and spices. While many conventional pasta makers extrude their pasta in order to speed production, Al Dente uses the time-honed tradition of rolling out its pasta dough. This process called “sheeting,” duplicates rolling pasta dough with a rolling pin which Monique’s mentor, famed Italian cook Marcella Hazan, believed was essential to creating the best pasta. Sheeting is a slow and precise process that allows Al Dente to achieve the sublime, velvety texture that has made it a favorite on dinner tables across North America.
Al Dente Pasta, now a classic in all 50 states and Canada, has never lost the character of a truly “specialty” product.  Al Dente’s  values are reflected in the honest packaging of each and every bag of pasta.  Taking no shortcuts, working closely with the growers and millers of our durum wheat, using the “real thing” when it comes to flavors, taking total responsibility for the manufacturing of our pasta (we are the manufacturers, not just the marketers of Al Dente Pasta.)  Al Dente is the specialty pasta maker who balances old world tradition and authenticity with a contemporary, friendly approach to bringing the best that America has to offer-an affordable luxury.
Al Dente hosts a wide variety of original, classic flavors, such as Spinach, Egg, Garlic Parsley, Basil, Squid, Wild Mushroom and Spicy Sesame.  Keeping up with the times, the Deschaines continuously expand their offerings with pastas like, Carba-Nada (reduced carbs, revered by diabetics and weight watchers alike), Al Dente’s Whole Wheat Pasta (known for pleasing people who don’t usually like whole grain pasta), a line of beautifully packaged “Organic Duets” (combining unique and exciting flavors that push the pasta envelope) and most recently introduced (and big in every way) are the Pappardelle pastas!
I can't wait to get creative in the kitchen and experience "the satisfying taste and texture of traditionally made pasta with a modern twist." Please stay tuned for my culinary creations. And in the mean time, why don't you enter this wonderful giveaway for a chance to win the same 3 bags of Al Dente pasta - Bona Chia Fettussini, Whole Wheat Linguine, and Spinach Pappardelle.

  • Visit the the main site and tell me which Al Dente Pasta you are most excited to try.
  • What is your favorite pasta dish? (Hint hint - I'm looking for some inspirations!)
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This is so exciting! (I must have said that already 5 times...)

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